Ladies, ladies, ladies. Some of you may have wandered into Shondaland thinking that they were going to break new ground, it was going to be a new and exciting type of show. Beautiful Kerry Washington in the lead! Heretofore washed-up-90s-film-star but still-very-handsome-white-guy-with-great-hair as her co-star! Smart woman in charge! Political intrigue! “Color-blind” casting!

But then, sadly, we see that the one hallmark of our beloved Shonda is her ability to rip defeat from the jaws of victory. I have seen this movie before (GA) and I have suffered the slings and arrows of remaining with it. Seasons 3.5 to 5 were dark days indeed.

Part of what cratered GA in those days was an inability to let her lead grow and change, to mature. To remain a petulant, selfish young woman in the face of an unusual and (at first) all-consuming love. I’ve read that it wasn’t until Rhimes had the chance to re-watch the early seasons during the writers’ strike of S5 before she realized what she had wrought.

We will have no such luxury with Scandal. Though maybe someone can convince her to watch those first roughly 20 episodes, to understand again why we were attracted to Fitz, to Olivia, even to Huck and Quinn, to see that they had, at one time, admirable attributes despite some questionable actions. The characters she has drawn are now merely CARICATURES of human beings. There is not one believable flesh-and-blood character left in this lot. Not to mention the B613 nonsense has no logical conclusion because it was over-the-top insanity from the start.

That said, I don’t have the time nor the inclination to point out the obvious failings of this particular episode, but I will go on record that I needed a Silkwood-bath after nearly watching that Quinn/Huck (Quick?) sex. That was an abomination.


Commenter over at The Vulture recap of Scandal, Flesh and Blood, episode 317.

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"Perhaps the most charming and memorable heterosexual ‘moment’.."

I love snarky women in academia. 

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Standing ovation for James Reimer upon coming in in relief for an injured Jonathan Bernier.

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"you must know… surely, you must know it was all for you."

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penalty box attendant knows he’s on TV and milks it

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Bedrich Grunzweig- April Shower, 1951, NYC (via)

Bedrich Grunzweig- April Shower, 1951, NYC (via)

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writing an essay about intersection of Vichy notions of family/motherhood (the ideal women being “in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant”) and the gendered role of Resistance in France in WWII and either i

im a genius and no one has thought of this before (negative) or

this is annoyingly overlooked in favour of Guns-and-Politics-are-not-for-women Resistance narratives (positive)

which is annoying on, you know, a human level but also on a student level because sources are not exactly falling into my lap

[also, interestingly but not surprisingly, the vast majority of the sources i have found are penned by women]

[also also, must note that in the past decade or so, in academia the term resistance has expanded to include actions like courier work or organizing and whatnot, which are tasks traditionally performed by women. so progress. but let’s get moving shall we?]


Yo its’ okay if you’re a white girl who likes Uggs and spray tans and pop music and instagramming your Starbucks. Don’t let tumblr make you think for one minute that liking things like that makes you inferior.

Same goes for if you’re a hipster trans mexican/japanese Pizza Underground enthusiast with a hello kitty neck tattoo.

If you’re not hurting anyone, you be you. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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